Optimist Business Solutions, LLC (Optimist) is led by a Six Sigma Black Belt Strategist with a track record of empowering leaders solve problems that impact quality, speed, and value. Our services include:

Problem Solving


Approach - Identify root causes for poor results. Root causes reduce the chances of problems re-emerging. 

Deliverables - Our problem solving problem approach (kaizen) helps clients gain more clarity regarding the problem with customer voice and meaningful data. Clarity and data lead to better solutions.

Process Improvement

Approach - Identify and document how work gets done. Documented processes contribute to standardized work and greater consistency.

Deliverables - Our interactive process mapping approach delivers a robust road map and an action plan for prioritizing work, optimizing the value of the work, and achieving better results.

Partnership Building


Approach - Establish and execute an accountability plan to sustain progress. An accountability plan ensures everyone is focused and making timely progress.

Deliverables - As your supportive and objective partner, we'll help you achieve milestones and overcome barriers. We are your confidential partner, coach and cheerleader. We want you to win. 

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