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Optimist Business Solutions, LLC (Optimist) is led by a Six Sigma Black Belt Strategist with a track record of empowering leaders and their teams with innovative strategies that work. Our services include:



Approach - We use proven roadmaps and strategies to help your team improve how work gets done. Teams should feel good, not stressed and frustrated at the end of the workday. We can help you get there!

Deliverables - Our roadmaps create strategic plans and standard operating procedures that empower more effective and focused teamwork We also deliver role and responsibility roadmaps that eliminate the confusion of who does what!



Approach - We help leaders fill open positions by identifying employment partners who have already identified and/or trained your future employees

Deliverables - Our approach creates an internal recruitment process and a set of employment partners for your open jobs. Basically, our deliverables lead to filled positions!




Approach - We help leaders and their teams implement or assess diversity, equity, and inclusion by applyinh a proprietary and comprehensive change management framework.

Deliverables - Our approach delivers a clear assessment of your current diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and a an actionable roadmap for moving forward.


Approach - We develop your executives and your workforce by training and coaching on specific areas, like time management, strategic thinking, effective meetings, and more. Leaders and employees will be ready for the raise, the promotion, or the board room.

Deliverables - A variety of self-study modules and in-person or virtual workshops will be made available.

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