Optimist Business Solutions, LLC (Optimist) is led by a Six Sigma Black Belt Strategist with a track record of empowering teams to solve problems that impact quality, speed, and value. Our services include:

Process Improvement


Process Mapping - Identify and document how work gets done. Documented processes contribute to standardized work and greater consistency.

Process Efficiency - Identify and eliminate unproductive steps from your processes.  Move from slow, ineffective processes to actions that deliver faster.

Outcomes Improvement

Dashboard Development - Capture key performance indicators and metrics. Provides ability to proactively monitor progress and success.

Operations Planning - Make your strategic plan executable with an operations plan. Provides a road map for prioritizing work, establishing accountability, and achieving results.

Performance Improvement


Systems Audits - Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures and systems. Audits performed by a third party create blueprints for improvement and an objective view of lessons learned.

Lean Six Sigma Training - Learn how to do more in less time - Lean. Learn how to maximize quality by reducing mistakes - Six Sigma. Training provides guidance for delivering precisely what customers want.

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