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At Optimist Business Solutions, we are passionate about operational excellence. We don't just train. Our goal is to leverage our experience and our proven strategies to help you deliver on your promise to your clients, though process improvement and procedural effectiveness.


“Optimist Business Solutions provides engaging, results-oriented training for our staff. Our entire team (from administrative assistant to Senior level staff) walked away with the skills to use basic Six Sigma vocabulary & can now identify opportunities to help our clients improve their organizational health."   Debra S. Kunce, Managing Principal CORE Planning Strategies LLC




Optimist Business Solutions helps leaders optimize their results.


Optimist Business Solutions is the trusted place where leaders learn how to optimize their results.


Optimist Business Solutions empowers leaders with premium quality, cultural responsiveness, and proven roadmaps for success.


 Joy E. Mason is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt with over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory operations, and risk assessment, with an emphasis on business processes and quality systems. Joy has managed international projects and effectively delivered results using six sigma methodologies for both public and private sectors.


Joy is a beacon of contagious optimism, infusing people's lives with heartwarming hope for life and work. Joy is a dynamic speaker/coach/trainer and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with over 30 years of experience in quality, project management, change management, and leadership. Through Optimist Business Solutions and the Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute, Joy has been referred to as a “game-changer” by her clients, and through her speaking, coaching, and training, she provides inspiration and solutions to transform lives and organizations.

"Joy, in one 30 minute session, led my team and I through a journey of identifying, understanding and solving a very real issue that instantly increased our close ratio by 40%."    

- Shamara D. Mitchell Cox, CEO, The Merit Group 



The manner in which we complete our work is honest and transparent. We don’t want any client to feel layers between us and them.


We believe in possibilities. Our clients just need support, training, and tools to realize those possibilities.


We are committed not only to help clients with solutions but also to empower them with the necessary tools for repeated and sustainable success over time.

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