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What is a data culture?

Why is data culture important for you? You need data culture to:

  • Demonstrate impact

  • Make impact visible

  • Know where you are

  • Know how far you've come

  • Know where you are going

  • Inform decision making

What is data culture? According to Tableau "A Data Culture is the collective behaviors and beliefs of people who value, practice and encourage the use of data to improve decision-making. As a result, data is woven into the operations, mindset, and identity of an organization. A Data Culture equips everyone in your organization with the insights they need to be truly data-driven, tackling your most complex business challenges."

Establishing a data culture is not easy but it's necessary. Here's a certified WBE that is showing how organizations can get started.

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion". W. Edwards Deming

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