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Strategic Planning! Ugh!

I haven't met anyone who thinks strategic planning is fun. Let's face it. We typically create a strategic plan and then forget about it until its time to update it again, two, three or five years later. Well, if I can help make your strategic planning a little easier, maybe you could start enjoying the planning process..... someday.

Let's start by making your strategic plan a living document, instead of a dead document. To be a living document, your strategic plan must include a work plan. Your work plan should include:

Goals - What do you want to accomplish?

Objectives - How much do you want to accomplish and by when?

Strategies - How will you accomplish the objective? What is your method or approach?

Actions - What are the specific steps you will take to achieve your objectives?

You have a work plan when you assign who, when, where and metrics to each action. Now, that you've added a work plan to your strategic plan, I can't promise you'll start having fun, but you WILL have a living plan that puts you on a path to getting results.

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