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So why wouldn't you LEAN in 2021?

What is lean you ask and why lean now?

Lean refers to a system of methods that emphasize the identification and elimination of non value added activities (aka waste) from organizational processes. Processes become faster and less expensive when you implement lean. So, why wouldn't you implement lean in 2021? No organization can afford to be wasteful with precious and thin resources.

A lot can be learned about lean if we start with a common definition of waste. Waste is not just scraps on the floor. Waste is also transportation, excess inventory, any type of waiting, unnecessary movement, overproduction, over processing, and defects (anything not done right the first time according to customers' requirements). For administration processes, waste can be invisible to the eye. You move paper from here to there, and you circulate documents for this signature and that signature. We have meetings and more meetings. Do the papers, signatures, and meetings contribute to the client getting what they want, how they want it and at low cost?

Here's a suggestion. For a few hours each week, get your team together to analyze and scrutinize any step that the client would not pay for if they discovered what you were doing, like waiting on six approvals on a document. Do you even need the document? Cut some of these wasteful steps, and you will improve quality, reduce cost, and make clients happier.

So, if these benefits are possible, why wouldn't you lean in 2021?

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