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Listen to the Voices!

Are you looking for a reliable way to make progress if your business is stuck or struggling? I recommend that you listen more. There are 4 voices I recommend you listen to.

Voice of Business - VOB comes from the requirements of the business. You get VOB from

financial information and data. Understanding VOB will help move your business closer to its intended objectives.

Voice of Customer - VOC includes internal and external customers. Customer behavior is key to strategy, value added services, and product design. Where would you be without your customers? Exactly! You wouldn't have a business without them. Customers give you feedback. You just need to listen to them.

Voice of Employees - VOE describes the stated and unstated needs of the employees. Employees need to feel that they are contributing to the company's vision and success. Employees provide a dialogue with management regarding how they will execute the company's strategy.

Voice of Process - VOP describes what the process is telling you, what its capable of achieving, and if things are under control. Your process can tell you where to adjust and where to optimize.

Take time to listen to the voices!

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