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2022 was great, but 2023 will be greater!

We started Optimist Business Solutions with the goal to leverage our experience and our proven strategies to help business owners and leaders deliver their promises to their clients. Since we started, I must state that what motivates us to keep working is the happiness that comes from hearing that our clients are happy with the work we've done.

Despite the challenging years we've had, we're still committed to serving our clients. We are pleased to share the wonderful things we did in 2022:

We created detailed DEI roadmaps for:

  1. Indiana’s largest state agency

  2. Indiana’s largest accounting firm

  3. One of Indiana’s top five performing arts organizations

  4. Indiana’s only innovation district

  5. Indiana’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization

We sincerely appreciate all of the support and confidence our dearest customers have shown us. You are the reason that Optimist Business Solutions exists.

Ready for you, 2023!

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