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 Joy E. Mason is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt with over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory operations, and risk assessment, with an emphasis on business processes and quality systems. Joy has managed international projects and effectively delivered results using six sigma methodologies for both public and private sectors.


As an internal consultant for a Fortune 200 company, Joy consistently created strategies and implementation plans to help clients meet new regulatory requirements. As an entrepreneur, Joy has helped clients dramatically improve their bottom line by applying her problem-solving techniques. Her strategies and techniques are proven to resolve process problems, evaluate risk, and save costs. She is known for her unwavering optimism  and her unique ability to create a collaborative environment for diverse stakeholders to get things done.

"My company has had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the very relevant, tangible and transforming results that Joy Mason, CEO of Optimist Business Solutions delivers through her tested performance enhancing and cost saving proprietary consulting and training.

Joy replenishes your ideas and problem-solving solutions database with models that yield instant results. I have been a strategic planning and business development consultant for over 19 years, Joy in one 30 minute session led my team and I through a journey of identifying, understanding and solving a very real issue that instantly increased our close ratio by 40%.

Joy's use of over 30 years in corporate, Six Sigma knowledge and beautifully outlined processes are the key elements needed for your success."     - Shamara D. Mitchell Cox, CEO, The Merit Group 

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